Mönichkirchen is a mountain, tourist resort in the Vienna Alps, located on the southeastern hillside of Wechsel, at the height of 1000 meters. This is one of the few Austrian towns, which is characterized by a therapeutic alpine climate. For many years, a lot of guests have thought that the air in Mönichkirchen, rich in ozone, makes them breathe with lots of pleasure.

Mountain huts amid the extensive pastures

In the wide range of villages located on the mountain range Wechsel there is a special view, consisting of beautiful cottages, surrounded by numerous pasturages. While hiking, you can find pasturing cows, bulls, horses and donkeys. Some of the cottages to this day still don’t have electricity, but most of them are already modernized and friendly prepared for guests. In the summer, huts are perfect recreation places, while in winter they turn into meeting points for cross-country skiers, who take route: Wechsel-Semmering-Panoramaloipe (Marienseer Schwaig). One of interesting facts is that hostel Hallerhaus celebrated in 2010 its 100th birthday!

On the Anthony Wildgans Route

Mönichkirchen is strongly associated with the Austrian poet and playwright – Anton Wildgans. Since 1909, he returned to Mönichkirchen to gather strength to continue to work as well in order to commune with nature. Many of his great works as Sonette an Ead, Kain, Moses Fragment and unforgettable poem Kirbisch oder Der Gendarm, die Schande Und das Gluck place Mönichkirchen as a second home for the poet. Anton Wildgans lived from 1881-1932, was the director of the Vienna Burgtheater, a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg, Sweden (1931), and in 1932 was a promising candidate for the Nobel Prize, but he didn’t live long enough to win it.
In the town, there is prepared a special theme route, related to Anton Wildgans, which begins at the Mönichkirchen Town Hall and ends near the spruce described in Wildgans’ poem. Reading one of his passages, you can, through the eyes of the imagination, penetrate into the world of beautiful nature and wonderful landscapes, and then come to Mönichkirchen and see the beauty live!

Trail: Water of life – from the source, alongside the stream, up to the big pond!

The trail is especially recommended for children and adults wishing to explore the environment and learn interesting facts related to the leading theme. 2.7-km trail is an interesting journey, where you can either walk barefoot through the water, as well as try out other forms of aquatic attractions. The route begins to run by Salaerium, where you can breathe in fresh air from the needles of spruce, then goes to the waterhole, where you can quench your thirst after a hard journey with a sip of cold mountain water. Following forest paths, tourists encounter spring, at which a lovely scent of the forest flora spreads. Going further, they find the pond nearby the hostel Enzian. From there, they go directly to the habitat of aquatic fauna, described and pictured on the board near the pond (especially interesting for children). The trail ends at an altitude of 1075 meters at the border between Mönichkirchen and Steiermark. That place divides but also connects the two regions. Concerned, thanks to the boards provided, will be able to answer the question, which region is greater and where the border stream flows. In addition, we will learn more about the technique of making artificial snow, and how water was brought to people’s homes 100 years ago.

Water Park Mönichkirchen – Salaerium!

Innovative technology, excellent location and most of all relax!

Since the opening the Water Park is a magnet that attracts young and old generations. It is also an important point in Water of Life Trail.

Water Park Mönichkirchen is a place where you can breathe in some sea air in Salaerium, the place where everyone, regardless of age, should breathe in, for at least half an hour, air coming from the branches of spruce liquefied with salt particles. The air, despite the inland location, is similar to the marine climate. Inhalations are desirable especially for people having problems with the air-passages such as bronchitis, sinusitis, lung diseases and skin problems. Having asthma, that prior consultation with your doctor is recommended.

For many years we know how big influence on our lives the colors have. From the psychological point of view, on the basis of many scientific studies, the light therapy has been developed. Well-being can be achieved through the senses. Eyes perceive impetus and pass it to the brain through, which helps the brain develop. People come up with new ideas and are filled with energy! In Salaerium there are four basic colors that change throughout the session.

The blue color is the color of the sky and water, is associated with nostalgia, distance and coolness. Cold slows down the human reactions, so that we become calmer and more relaxed, especially if we have nervous problems or insomnia.

The green color symbolizes nature. Green light calms and inspires, gives us a sense of relaxation and regeneration. It is helpful in treating arthritis.

Yellow is the color of the sun. Increases positive attitude and well-being. It stimulates and strengthens the nerves, as well as keep us from the darkness, distance, or melancholy.

The red color is associated with fire and blood. It is the color of activity, vitality and warmth. It stimulates our circulation and helps to improve the well-being and vitality!